Waste Disposal?

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With food waste accounting for 25% of household rubbish that ends up in landfill a food waste disposer is an ideal solution for cutting down on the waste your household generates.


The unit sits beneath the sink, usually fit all standard plumbing and require a power supply nearby to operate.

Your food waste is removed from your kitchen bin, so you do not have food going off attracting flies.

Chicken bones, meat, dairy or even egg shells can be put through the food waste disposal unit. So you put less waste into your kitchen bin.


Food waste that passes through the disposer can be recycled by Waste Water Treatment Plant to form a 'soil conditioner' which is a form of fertiliser or bio gas.


A food waste disposal unit sits beneath your sink and connects directly into the normal plumbing and drainage. To use the unit, simply switch on the cold water tap, feed the food into the sink and turn on the unit. In a few seconds the food will have been ground down and rinsed down the sink. The units are safe, reliable, quiet and use very little electricity.

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